The rules

Bicycling Marathon Vistula 1200 is a gravel bikepacking race dedicated to advanced and experienced bikers*. Course of the race follows the Vistula river - the biggest Polish river. The race starts on the 3th of July 2021 in PTTK Shelter "Przysłop" underneath Barania Mt. at 951 m. next to Wykapy Czarnej Wisełki (Vistula river spring); Finish line will be located in Gdansk at 1m over sea level. On your way you will cover almost 1200 km of effort, dedication, rivalry, wilderness and being in touch with nature and history, you will not find in any other place in Europe.

Rules of Vistula 1200 are quite simple:

  1.  You need to cover the course with your bike, powered by the strength of you muscle in accordance to these rules.
  2. Only crossing the river can be done only using floating vessels.
  3. It is not permitted in any way whatsoever to use outside support from third parties. It means that, if you want to ride in clean pants, you have to carry them with you, wash them or buy them on the way. This rule applies to every aspect of covering the course of BMV1200 including: food, drinks, sleep and bike repairs. Everybody has to have fair chances.
  4. Participants are allowed to help each other.
  5. You have to cover the course following the track provided by the organizer, following other rules of Vistula 1200 and the law (private property, environmental laws, traffic regulations).
  6. You can leave the course only if you get back on it in the exact same place.
  7. Time is measured constantly from start to finish.
  8. There will be separate categories for Woman and Men. Places will be determined by time taken to cover the whole race course in accordance to Vistula 1200 rules. Cut-off time is 180 hours. Somebody has to win, but no one will lose.
  9. Gpx file recorded by contestant will be used as a confirmation of completing the course.

We do not recommend to cycle during nighttime and, in any case, where there is low visibility or poor safety conditions. If you decide to do this, you need to be equipped in front and back lights. Cycling consecutively for many days, with little or no rest, can cause hallucinations and drastically lower the threshold of attention on the road and the perception of danger (if you see a running snowmobile or a unicorn, take a picture and go to sleep).

* Participants are required to guarantee they can finish the race without any damage to their health. It is forbidden to participate in BMV1200 without being properly prepared and equipped, and without having tested own abilities earlier. You take part at your own risk and you have to make a decision yourself, whether to pick up the gauntlet.