Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to reach the start?

The closest train station to PTTK Shelter Przyslop is in Wisla Glebce. From there it is 11km and 535m of ascent. You can arrive by car to park here: From there you have 8km and 386m of ascent.

2. What gear is mandatory?

Each contestant must have a working bike, bike helmet and efficient light source. If somehow you are unable to remember all 12473 turns on RMW1200 Course you may need a gps device, on which you can save and display race route. You can download it from this link. File is in .gpx format and should work on any touristic and bike gps devices. You have to provide the device by yourself. During the race you need to have a tracking device, provided by us, which will record your track and allow others to follow you on our website. Data from this device will be ground for race final results.

3. Can I sleep outside the route?

Yes, you can. There are no limitations in leaving the route in order to: pee, shopping, fixing your bike, eating, sightseeing, sleeping. But under one condition: you have to return on the route in exactly the same place you left it.

4.There is a ferry passage across the Dunajec river in Wietrzychowice. What am I supposed to do if the ferry is closed?

Ferry in Wietrzychowice is usually open every day from 5:00 to 22:00. If you arrive to Wietrzychowice after 10 p.m you can wait for the first morning ferry, or go to the closest bridge in Zabno and get back on the route in Siedliszowice. The ferry operation may be suspended due to high water on Dunajec. We will give you the information before the start of the race.

5. Can I go on my road bike?

You can start on any man-powered bike, but less than half of the course is cover with asphalt, the rest is dirt roads and paths. See the course here: RMW1200 track

6. What to do if the route is blocked (fence, water, trees)?

You need to go safely around every obstacle and get back on RMW1200 route as close as possible, with respect to other rules of RMW1200. Remember that Vistula river is really wild and powerful river and in case of high water don’t play with her force. All the vis major detours will be approved by the organizer.

7. I live in Warsaw and have friends in Torun, can I sleep over at my place or my friends'?

In accordance with RMW1200 Rules, everyone needs to have fair chances and not everyone has a flat in Warsaw or friends in Torun. Usage of prearranged support is unacceptable, so is using the help of third parties if its not accessible equally for all the contestants. Even though ,,gold trunks” will be a trophy for all finishers, they should be consider as your fair play demeanor recognition.

8. Is it allowed to book accommodation right after the start?

At the starting line everyone must have equal chances - this is the creed of our race. Nevertheless, we wouldn't want unnecessary restrictions to spoil the fun, so if you can meticulously plan each day of your ride, then you can book the rest of the accommodations during the race.

9. I am a student, I am 25 years old, but I will be 26 before the race start. Am I entitled to 30% discount?

You are entitled to 30% discount, if in the day of payment you have a status of student/pupil and you are under 26 years of age.

10. Race course is routed along embankment, the roads go on top and at the base of it. Which road I am allowed to take?
If the course goes along the embankment, it is allowed to go both on top of it and along the roads on the embankment base. Be aware that often roads at the base of the embankment turn away from it and it may be inconvenient to climb back to the top of it. Also the views are much nicer from the top.

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