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    A higher diploma is not just a piece of paper; it constitutes the representation of a certain number of presumed capacities at the holder. When solving problems in your professional life, this acquired capacity will allow you to do this, and not the diploma which certifies your achievements. Convert your studies at home in a pleasant moment. Learning must be a pleasant and rewarding process, and it is not good if you dream of “can i pay someone to write my paper“. Working and studying are not everything. It is important that you enjoy your leisure time and not feel that studying is robbing you of hours of life. Take your time. Finishing sooner or later does not affect BIU’s assessment of the work presented. Study in a convenient, well-lit environment. No teacher will check whether you meet your home study goals or not unless you ask us to. Develop your sense of responsibility. BIU’s pedagogy is not effective for everyone. It is very valid for students and professionals with a certain level of responsibility, for people who are thirsty to learn, to change for the better and to stand out. No one except yourself will monitor how you study from home. Have the books available at the time of writing your reports, but do not abuse your accessibility to the texts. We warmly recommend that you follow the guidelines in our study guide.