Some photos from making the track

Or, in short, what you can expect during RMW1200

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Bircham International University students are mature, competent, professional and motivated people to learn. Therefore, BIU assumes that this student profile has a sufficient level of responsibility and motivation to follow his own study schedule and that he does not need any continuous monitoring to fulfill the requirements of his academic program. There are too many personal and professional compromises that can interfere with a fixed schedule of home studies. BIU considers it unfair to set up academic shortcomings in the event of failure to meet a fixed timetable. BIU believes that freedom of organization is probably the best option for adult students, since. BIU will not get in touch with you unless you request a consultation, tutorship or delivery of academic work for its correction at In this case, the BIU delegation will carry out the appropriate follow-up and will seek the best solution to respond to you. The free home study calendar is meant to help you, giving you the freedom to organize yourself as best you can, however, BIU’s intention is not that your distance learning process becomes a disconnected and impersonal experience, which is why we strongly ask you to contact us to resolve any consultation, comment, and feeling relating to your studies.