Sixth edition of bikepacking marathon. 1st of July 2023. Almost 1200km alongside the Vistula river. From springs under Mt. Barania Góra to the river's mouth in Gdansk.

Bikepacking Race Vistula 1200

People traveled along rivers for ages. They were natural routes and their always-changing stream thought people respect to the power of nature.

That’s how we marked the route. After covering over 2500 kilometers along both banks of the river, from its springs underneath Barania Góra Mt. all the way to its estuary in Gdańsk, we chose the parts which best show its might and beauty.

The route leads through roads, paths, rubbles and dikes. Riding along busy roads is limited to absolute minimum, to provide safety and comfort of being in touch with the nature and history, which you will not find in any other place in Europe.

On your way, you will pass broad old river-beds and flowage’s full of wild birds, sand dunes and sand bars, climatic villages where time seems to have stopped. RMW1200 is not only Krakow, Warsaw, Torun and Gdansk. We will amaze you with beauty and peculiarity of Janowiec, Sandomierz, Zawichost, Plock, Dobrzyn, Chełmno, Swiecie, Grudziac and Gniew and between them- cyclists strive and overcoming your own weaknesses.

Bike ultramarathon race formula requires from you solid preparations both physically and logistically, and in order to provide fair chances to all participants and meet the requirements of RMW1200 RULES using any support arranged before the start of the race and any support of third parties during the race is prohibited. The rules apply to all parts of rivalry: eating, resting, sleeping, luggage or maintenance. Off course any form of help between the contestants is welcome and will be treated as an example of understanding our race concept.

Press here to view an interactive map and download race course.


We selected for you the best parts of Vistula river trails. Almost 1200km of nature, history and gravel challenges.


Every contestant will be provided with a gps tracker recording their course, allowing to follow their progress live.


Epic adventure requires epic effort – only you, your bike and the route. You have to earn the title of RMW1200 Finisher.


There will be only one winner, but no one will lose. You have 200 hours for competition or unforgettable holidays.

Leszek Pachulski

race director

In the past 15 years, since I became ill with "bicyclosis", I took part in dozens of MTB marathons, extreme orientation rallies Harpagan, road marathons, fascinating road trips across the iconic European mountains and also days-long bikepacking expeditions. I decided to organize a race that would bind all of these experiences and fascinations - that's how Bikepacking Race Vistula 1200 (RMW1200) was born.

This event is for the members of bike travelers community and racing bike riders, but it also aims to awaken a completely new breed of contestants, who are bored of (faux) MTB marathons which are organized more and more frequently, only to make a couple laps around the block. This race is unique, because of its distance and no-support-allowed formula.

When you're on a bike and apart from counting your watts, you also like to count sunrises and sunsets, then this race is for you. Join, you're welcome.

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