Participants 2020

You will appear on the list of participants after the payment has been recorded and the start number has been assigned.

Force yourself to apply it while looking for the balance between convenience and sacrifice. You must not demand too much, nor fall into carelessness. If for any reason you do not have the desire or the energy to complete your study plan for the given day, try to navigate to this web-site and read at least 10 minutes. You’re probably not going to advance much during those 10 minutes, but at least you’re going to strengthen your reading habit and restore the routine of studying from home. Two and a half hours, four days a week is more than acceptable average to easily and efficiently fulfill the requirements of your distance program. You can spend three days reading and taking notes during the first two hours, reserving the remaining half-hour for a summary of your findings. Use the fourth day for a deep review of the material read and/or for writing the final work. There will be occasions which for professional or personal reasons prevent you from respecting your weekly study plan. In this case, try to recover the lost time as soon as possible so as not to stray from your goals. Do not worry about the time factor necessary to complete your program. Focus on achieving your weekly goals and keep the illusion alive. Success is the equivalent of completing the program, not just getting started.

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Zdjęcie / PictureImię / NameNazwisko / Last nameTeamNumer startowy / Start numberMiasto / City
Ryszard Budkowski BUDOWLAŃCY 115 Nisko
Paweł Bugajny Adam Bielecki 298 Poznań
Michał Bugno 59 Kraków
Michał Bujak 256 Radom
Dominik Bukowski Bushcraft Team 100 Jarocin
Witold Bukowski Bushcraft Team 101 Jarocin
Leszek Bukowski PTT DELTA 428 Płock
Piotr Burda Roweronline.pl1964 411 Chorzów
Roman Cedrych 391 Mikołów
Michal Cerbinski 304 Mikstat
Andrzej Chmieliński 28 Łąka
Michał Choda PZU Sport Team 210 Warszawa
Karol Chwastek MTB Trójmiasto 117 Otomin
Kamil Chytła 155 Chrzanów
Dariusz Cichostępski 73 Jastrzębie Zdrój
Michał Cieślik 154 Oleśnica
Piotr Ciszewski 172 Warszawa
Przemyslaw Ciupiński 47 Warszawa
Dariusz Czajkowski 77 Będzin
Michał Czakon 250 Pruchna
Paweł Czarnota Biegiem Radom! 161 Radom
Kacper Czarnota 95 Włodawa
Marta Czechowicz 347 Warszawa
Grzegorz Czukiewski Moonshine Team 346 Lublin
Marcin Czyzuk 109 Bydgoszcz
Marcin Damentka 197 Warszawa
Łukasz Dembski Klub kolarski HRmax Oleśnica 392 Dobroszyce
Arkadiusz Dereniewicz 311 Kielce
Christian Dietrich Waldarbeiter 106 Hamburg